We are made of starstuff.

Lost Mine of Phandelver part 1
Squirrels and Sanity

Location: Realmspace; Planet Toril; Sub-continent Faerûn; The Sword Coast. Realm Year 1486

The remaining heroes of Drakkenheim after spending months growing weary in Neverwinter have set out on the road again with four new companions.

All of them are either personal friends or acquaintances of the stingy dwarf Gundren Rockseeker who has asked you all to deliver two wagons of goods to the small frontier town of Phandalin for a suspiciously low amount of gold.
You travelled the High Road without problem south from Neverwinter before turning east on the Triboar trail…this wasn’t quite as problem free. Gundren’s horse along with his friend Sildar Hallwinter’s horse were found arrow riddled along the road. Upon investigation a rain of arrows hailed down on the party, slaying Ben Ben’s pet. The goblins were slain andBen Ben got a new pet.
The party found a game trail into the foot hills and the party discovered a cave guarded by two distracted goblins…that the drow warlock missed at point blank range. After dispatching the guards the drow/asshole decided to enter the cave and pretend to be a ghost…causing the entire cave to go on alert and cause a flood to wash everyone out of the cave but Anita. Thedrow had it fixed in his mind that a human hostage was treasure an hi jinx ensued.
The party, now split, runs into a clutch of bugbears and a clutch of hobgoblins.BenBen, the Cleric, and theMonk dispatched the hobgoblins.Anita, theSorcerer and the Warlock dispatched the bugbears and we learned that Sorcerers do not make good front line fighters…at all.
The party,thinking themselves safe, decided to try to heal up. The lone exception being the Drow who decided to look for treasure…he found ogres.
With one last burst of effort the group unleashed their heavy guns, dropping the ogres and bugbear and finding a small stash of treasure and trade goods.
Finally the party arrives in Phandalin.jpg as the sun is setting with Sildar Hallwinter. He tells the group that the inn is quite nice and that they should head that way, for the most part they do…except for the drow who wanders off again.


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